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How To Help

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It takes a community to save dogs. We work with the local shelters and animal services to save German Shepherds that have run out of time or aren't readily adoptable. And then we need foster homes for the dogs to come into, many other volunteers to help get them into new forever homes, and good adopters to give the dogs those homes.

We also need generous donors for the funds to pay the vet bills, to feed and maintain the dogs, to buy equipment and supplies, and for our modest administrative costs.


Our goal is always to find a good home for every dog! If you have looked at Our Wonderful Dogs and found one who might be a match, the first step toward adopting one of our dogs is to read our Adoption Information page. There you'll find our adoption policies and our forms. That's the best way to help!


We need people to help with all kinds of tasks! If you can help a little or a lot, we can find a place to use your time and talents.

Ways to help include fostering a dog, transporting dogs, helping at Adoption Days, sending out educational materials, fundraising, helping at community and promotional events, working with potential adopters, and following up after adoptions. We can also use artists and writers to work on our promotional and education projects, and we need administrative help. If you have the desire to help, we'll find a spot for you!


Foster Homes Needed!
Without foster homes, we can't save dogs no matter how much we'd like to. All of our dogs go into foster homes, and we rely on them to give our dogs a safe place to stay while they are in transition to their permanent homes. With your help, we can save more homeless and at-risk German Shepherd Dogs.

Fostered dogs are easier to place, since we can learn much more about dogs in a home setting, and we always need new foster homes that have experience with German Shepherds or similar dogs. For regular foster homes, we provide instruction and support, pay the foster dog's vet bills (at our vets only), we provide food, leash, collar and ID tag. We can also provide a crate if needed.

If you are interested in our Foster-to-Adopt (FTA) program, you will usually have a month to foster the dog at your home, and you will pay for the dog's food and regular upkeep expenses such as toys and treats, etc. We pay necessary veterinary expenses at our partner vets, or you can pay for the expenses at your vet. At the end of that month, you will need to decide either to adopt the dog or make the dog available for adoption unless otherwise agreed upon. 

If you are interested in fostering you can find more information in our Foster/Foster to Adopt program.

Fostering a rescue dog can be one of the most fulfilling experiences you will ever have. We have several volunteers who have fostered over 100 dogs!


Mocha HatCan’t adopt? Can’t foster? Still want to help? Sign up as a Sponsor!

Download a Sponsorship form and fax or mail it to us.

  • Toll free fax line: (877) 268-0255.
  • Mail to:
    P.O. Box 577663
    Modesto, CA 95357-7663
  • Call us as (877) 268-0255.
  • Email us at info@gcgsr.org.

Sponsors pledge a monthly amount for a minimum of 3 months to help pay for part or all of the expenses for a dog or dogs until adopted. When your sponsored dog is adopted, you will be notified and offered another dog to sponsor.

Sponsors will be listed according to their wishes under the dog’s picture on the Website, and they will receive a certificate with the dog’s picture on it and a thank-you card at the end of the year with the total amount of donations for tax purposes. If possible, a picture of the dog with the new family will be included in the thank-you card.

If you cannot sponsor, we always appreciate single donations of any amount!

Food Sponsor: $25/month to help pay for the food for one specific dog until adopted or for any unsponsored dog in the program.

Dog Sponsor: $50/month to help pay for a specific dog's care until adopted, such as food, any medications such as antibiotics for kennel cough, flea/tick and heartworm preventives.

Rainbow Dog Sponsor: $100/month to help pay for a specific Special Needs or Rainbow dog's care until adopted, such as special food, treatments, and medications.

Medical Sponsor: $250 for a one-time donation to help pay for the basic medical costs for a specific dog or for future use of any one dog. Basic medical costs include spay/neuter; Rabies, DHLPP and Bordatella vaccinations; heartworm and fecal testing. Most of our dogs coming out of shelters have kennel cough, fleas and ticks, and/or intestinal parasites such as whipworms or giardia, which also involves additional treatment with medications.

Kenneling Sponsor: $350/mo to help pay for boarding for one kenneled dog until adopted, either a specific dog or just any dog.

Rainbow Fund Sponsor: $500 for a one-time donation to The Rainbow Fund for a specific Special Needs or Rainbow dog that needs unusual or ongoing medical treatment, or for future use of any Rainbow Dog.


Our rescue dogs need vaccinations and other preventive care, and some need more extensive treatment. One rare occasions, we need to board a dog in a commercial kennel. Since our adoption fee covers less than half of our costs per dog, we need revenue from other sources. Checks, cash, and dog supplies are always helpful. Easiest of all, you can donate directly from this Web page, using PayPal!

(Most credit cards accepted even if you do not have a Paypal Account)

Thank you! Greater California German Shepherd Rescue is a public nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and your donations are tax deductible.

You can also support our Partners, as they support us! They generously donate part of the proceeds back to us.


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Wish List

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We wish we always had enough money to save every dog without asking for help, but we haven't found the magic money tree yet. We think we've found the next best thing, though.

We now have a Universal Wish List on Amazon! (Or search for GCGSR.) We are still adding to it, but if you'd like to help, check it out. No item is too small, and there is something for every sized pocketbook, from skinny to fat. All donations are tax-deductible and come with a thank-you note for your records.

We also need some bigger items for our mobile adoption days that aren't practical to ship:
10x10 Pop-up Canopies
Large and X-large crates: both collapsible wire and plastic airline

For more information, call, email or come visit us at one of our Adoption Days. (Please make arrangements beforehand to drop off large items.)

Thanks for your support! We thank you and the dogs thank you!

Amazon Wish List


If you would like to donate in memory of a person or dog, please refer to our Memorial Donations program.

Rainbow Fund Dogs

The Rainbow Fund

The Rainbow Fund is for dogs who have unusual, one-time major veterinary expenses that we would not ordinarily be able to fix without extra dollars in the till. We also use the funds to diagnose and treat our Special Needs dogs with ongoing medical expenses above and beyond the normal spay/neuter, vaccinations, and basic care.

Read more about The Rainbow Fund and the Rainbow Fund Dogs that we've been able to save!


Most credit cards accepted even if you do not have a Paypal Account

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