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Memorials and Tributes

Please help us celebrate our wonderful German Shepherd companions, whether by remembering someone special or sharing the special bond you have with your dog. We join with all who share with us a love of German Shepherd Dogs.

Having loved a special German Shepherd Dog or known someone who has had that bond inspires many to donate in his or her name. A Memorial Donation to GCGSR is a fitting way to remember and pay tribute to a special dog or person and at the same time help save the lives of more German Shepherds. 

We will list your Memorial or Tribute including the dog or person’s name and your name (or anonymous if desired).  Please email (info@gcgsr.org) or call (877-268-0255) with the Memorial information associated with your donation. We will post up a small picture to go along with the tribute, if you can email it to us.
You can make a tax deductible donation directly from this Web page, using PayPal; simply click the Donate button below.

(Most credit cards accepted even if you do not have a Paypal Account)

Or, you can mail us a check with your Memorial information to: Greater California German Shepherd Rescue, P.O. Box 577663, Modesto, CA 95357-7663.

Thank you!

~ Memorials and Tributes ~

In loving memory of The Stavropoulos Family's beloved Zeus.

Zeus Memorial 01 Zeus Memorial 02

Loved beyond measure and treasured forever.

With Love,
The Trejo Family - Kevin, Sue, Cole & Aidan

In Loving Memory of My Late Father


A tribute to my late father, Scott Chapman, and his dog Jags.

This photo was taken in Cairo in the early 40's.


Dolly Chapman

In memory of the Sutter family's beloved Bruno.

The Kline Family

In loving memory of our boy Conner.

Connor Memorial 01 Connor Memorial 02

When we saw Conner (formerly Condor) at the adoption event, it was love at first sight! We had 8-3/4 challenging and wonderful years together. Conner had a huge zest for life, was completely engaged with the world around him and he had big, big love for his family.

We so miss our big boy!
From: Nancy, Lucy & Luna

In loving memory of our Cyrus:

Cyrus Memorial 01 Cyrus Memorial 02

The best dog ever. You were gone way too soon, Buddy. I miss you.



In loving memory of Sheba

Sheba will be missed by her friends and her family Harley & Ivan.

She was a bright and loving light who will continue to blaze in our hearts.


In loving memory of our Abby:

Abby Memorial 01 Abby Memorial 02

I carry your heart with me.
I carry it in my heart.
I am never without it.
Anywhere I go you go, my dear;
And whatever is done by only me
is your doing, my darling.

- excerpt by E.E. Cummings

Nick, Stephanie, Dominic, Doris, Clover, and Mia

In loving memory of our boy, Zack

Zack Memorial 01 Zack Memorial 02

He was our first foster for GCGSR and we made the right decision to adopt him.

He brought joy to many as a therapy dog at a convalescent home and saved dog lives as a blood donor through UCD's Vet Med program.

He was also an ambassador at several GCGSR events and helped many foster dogs as a mentor and role model.

Most of all, he was a great companion and friend to his family who will miss
him dearly.

RIP Zack!

Ellen and Phil


In loving memory of our Annie

In the time we were privileged to have you with us, you enriched our lives in so many ways.

Our home and motorhome feel so empty now without you.

We have so many cherished memories of our times together.

Bill and Liz


In Loving Memory of Kalina
11/2/2003 - 8/6/2018

Our beautiful friend and companion, Kalina, graced our life for 13 1/2 years. She put never-ending smiles on our faces and opened our hearts in unbelievable ways, even beating cancer, stroke and pneumonia in her senior years.

A strong, bright presence in our home, she will be sorely missed but will live on forever in our hearts. We are so very grateful for the time we had with this sweet, svelte, spirited German Shepherd Dog!

Adopted from GCGSR by
Louis & Margaret DeMott-Feldman
on 3/11/2005

In Loving Memory of Bea (Beate Vom Aspen Canyon)

Bea (Beate) 08 Bea (Beate) 09

When you came back to rescue after 7 years, I was the lucky person to foster you for 5 months. You stole my heart!

You will always be loved by your foster Dad and your amazing adoptive family
the Khalar's.

You will be in my heart for eternity.

Rest in peace, little girl!

From: Randy

In Loving Memory of Maggie

Maggie Maggie

You will always be loved by your foster Dad and your amazing adoptive family
the Blair's.

You will never be forgotten, and you will always hold a special place in my heart!

Rest in peace, little girl!

From: Randy

Dante Memorial

In Memory of Dante

From: Marie Kaiser

Max Memorial

In Memory of the Nuno family's
beloved Max.

From: Carolyn

In Memory of Hiro Nishimura.

From: Barbara, Jeff and Aksel Lee

Dante Memorial
In Memory of Dante

(OTCH Dante's Vita Nuova

I know I will never have another dog quite like Dante. He was a magnificent, irreplaceable dog. He is no longer with us, but he will always be with me. And I will share what he has taught me with my next dog.

Lizanne Kaiser

In Memory of Dante: Lynn Benson-Colbert

Please read the memorial tribute written by Lizanne in honor of Dante.
Read more about Dante on his own GCGSR page for his story from when we got him as a puppy through the first couple years of his life.

Sheba Memorial
In Memory of Sheba

What fun years we had...
you will always be my first love!

Rachel Johnson

In Loving Memory of Uncle Harold & Aunt Lora and Kahilo

Laura and Harold Memorial Kahilo Memorial

We pray you are all together running
through the fields of Heaven in peace and love.

You will never be forgotten.

Love, Val and Mike

In honor of Deb Royer.

From: Richard Florio

In Loving Memory of Bear (Denali)

July 2016 - December 2016

Bear 01 Memorial Bear 02 Memorial

Your time on Earth was way too short.

The wonderful memories we created will stay forever
in our hearts and in our minds.

The Schmidt Family - Dave, Gale, Tyler and Austin

Blaze Memorial
In Memory of Blaze

Forever grateful to you for bringing us wonderful years of love and laughter, and to our friends at GCGSR for bringing us together.

We miss you dearly and will love you always.

Tom and Lauren Glamuzina

Max Memorial
In Loving Memory of Max

Most beautiful in motion, intelligent,
protective, and above all regal.

The life you led has changed
us for the better.

We miss you.

From: Jade, Gwen, and Kieara

Buddy Memorial
~ For Buddy ~

The love of my life

No one will take your place
But I will care for others in your name

From: Judy and Harlan Edson

Max Memorial

In Loving Memory of Max

You were utterly awesome in every way -
brilliant, great with other dogs, friendly and gentle.

You will be forever missed.

From: Charlotte Pascual

In Memory of Kathleen Palmere

From: Elaine Bickford

Dexter 01Dexter 02

In remembrance of my gorgeous German Shepherd

 ~ Dexter ~ 

You were one of the best things to have ever happened to me.

I miss you terribly!

From: Sarah Hopper

In Memory of Quinn

From: Una Elias

Blizzard Memorial

In Memory of Blizzard

You were a happy boy, with a tail that never stopped wagging.

You will be missed.

From: Flavia Davis

In honor of my dear friend Marie Schmidt, who passed away on 12-31-13.

She will be missed.

From: Myra De La Cerda

Bob Memorial

Bob - You will Never Be Forgotten.
You will Forever Be Missed.
May you live forever in our memories.

Barbara Plaut & Sadie, Jim Cotton and Tilmann

In Memory of Peter Skertic, father of Susan Dedelow
Valparaiso, IN

He will be remembered for many wonderful things,
including a true lover of German Shepherds

Much love, The Cuddy Family

In Memory of Donald Clark

From: Carolyn Woods
From: Bob & Cindy Griswold
From: Stan Clark - Thanks, Dad.

Mick Memorial

In Memory of Mick
From: Carl Seymour

In Memory of Willow

From: Bruce & Terri Dixon

In Memory of Pat Harrington, Adopter of Molly
Alberta Martone, Modesto CA

Carolyn DiPiero, Modesto, CA --  "a fellow teacher, well known for her championship of the teaching profession"

Elizabeth Durham, Modesto, CA

Tracy Keith, Bloomington, MN -- in loving of memory of Patricia Harrington & Sweetie Pie

Ben Bernstein & PuppyBen Bernstein 02
In Loving Memory of My Beloved Husband

 ~ Ben Bernstein ~

 Greatest lover ever of the German Shepherd Dog!!

9/21/48 – 5/15/09

Debbie Lewis Bernstein

In Memory of Rosie
The sweetest GSD!!
You are missed.

Debbie Lewis Bernstein

In Memory of Hannah

From: Bruce & Terri

In Memory of Robert Lanza (Debbie's Dad)

From: June

Barnaby RIP

In Memory of Sue's Barnaby, RIP

From: Joan Hoover

In Memory of Riley Gamma, RIP

From: Frank & Maureen Gamma

In Memory of Aunt Fornia, who loved GSDs and computers

From: Elaine Slaten

In Memory of Stan's Dogs, Klaus and Rudy

From: Elaine Slaten

In Memory of Bea Bradshaw, a departed dog lover

From: John & June Ryan


In Memory of Miz Pierson's dog Tahoe,
A great ambassador for GCGSR

From: The Dixon's - Bruce, Terri , Recon & Hannah 

In Memory of Baron von Roble Hutchings

From: Ken, Gina and Lauren Hutchings

In Memory of Paul Darby

From: June Ryan

In Memory of their beloved Heidi who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in January 2010

From: Bruce & Terri Dixon

In Loving Memory of Sadie

From: Louis, Margaret & Kalina DeMott-Feldman 

In Memory of Ziggy

From: Flavia and Matt Davis

In Memory of Ben Bernstein

From: Sandra Guidi, Rob Guidi, and Bella

From: Dawn Kovell and Christophe DiNello  

From: Maureen Gamma

From: Stephanie Shaffer

From: Gary and Janet Reynolds

From: Peter Stamos

From: Philip and Marion Bruccoleri

From: Steve Oppenheimer

From: Leland and Judith Kampinen

From: Peggy and Larry Woon and Pepper

From: Regina and Prem Hinduja

From: Debbie and Willian McDonagh

From: Mario and Jean Patane

From: David and Louise Wilson

From: Peg Sipos and Melita Figueroa -- In memory of Ben Bernstein who so loved his GSDs and is now with his beloved "Buddy"

From: Stan Rosenfeld  and Patti Breitman

From: Nanette Chiappetta