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SummerSummer Head

Don't let the sweet face, compact size, and silky long-coat of this Summer beauty fool you. You are looking into the molten lava eyes of a highly intelligent, strong-willed, confident, alpha personality. You can all but see her wheels spinning; her brain is busy, and she wants to know what the two of you can do.

Summer is very playful, with a zest for life; this girl wants to have fun! She loves to work but will only work for you if she respects you, and you must have enough experience to earn her respect. She responds to firm, no-nonsense leadership combined with a gentle touch you must not be harsh with her. The payoff is a dog that will be more than just a companion, she will be a true partner.

At about three years old, Summer is housebroken and has excellent house manners, with no bad habits. She sleeps in a crate at night but would be fine if loose. When you're working, she settles down quietly near your feet, but when you get up, she's instantly ready for action. She will alarm bark at the door but does not nuisance bark.

Summer wants to be with people and part of the family. She travels very well in the car and would love to go with you everywhere. However, she is obsessed with passing vehicles, so you cannot trust her off lead anywhere near a street. Although she likes children and meets them sweetly, Summer plays too rough for small children and will nip and herd when excited. She remembers her friends, and you will be amazed at the intensity of the eye contact she gives to those she knows.

Summer gets along with large male dogs who don't mind a rough-and-tumble alpha female or who, being gentlemen, won't fight with a girl but are strong and savvy enough to manage her. However, she is too feisty and in-your-face to get along with other females, and she has too much prey drive for small dogs, cats, or other small critters so no dog parks or running with a pack.

If you are looking for an active German Shepherd that will give back as much as you give her and more, come meet this unique dog. Don't expect instant chemistry, though. She is a girl of discerning taste and has to bond with you before you will get the best from her! Come see if you can resist falling under Summer's spell!


This is a Level 3 Dog and will only go to a true Level 3 home.

Updated July 31, 2011
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