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Zodiac is a 4 - 5 year old male Belgian Malinois that was surrendered to a Sacramento shelter, so nothing is known of his background.

He has gotten along with all the people and dogs he has met; he reportedly lived in a house with other dogs and kids. It is unknown if he could live with cats.

He is reportedly housebroken and so far it seems he is. He was a mostly outside dog and needs a little coxing to come in the house from the back door or garage, but he is quickly beginning to like being an inside dog and had learned to use the dog door. He seems to be a fairly mellow dog, gets along great with my other foster dog, likes to ride in the car and is very affectionate with people.

More information will be added as we get to know him.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added June 2015

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