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German Shepherd Rescue
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Owner Referral Information

Owners can list their purebred German Shepherd or mostly-GSD mix for $25 for 90 days and must supply proof of spay/neuter and current rabies vaccination before we will list them.

We will only list dogs from the legal owner, if you have found a dog, please follow your county requirements for due diligence (check with your local shelter) for becoming the dog's legal owner if you wish to rehome the dog.

We discourage offering dogs for free, owners should ask for a small rehoming fee. 

Listing Period

The listing period is for 90 days, or less if we are notified that the dog is no longer available. At the end of 90 days, dog listings will automatically be removed unless renewed before the end of the listing period.

Writing a Web Bio

From answering hundreds of email inquiries and screening hundreds of phone calls, what most people want to know about dogs boils down to a few particulars:

1. Physical info - gender, age, size (comparatively for a GSD), weight, energy level

2. Background - known or not, and usually where the dog came from unless you've had the dog from puppyhood

3. Temperament and personality - easy-going, anxious, driven, calm, intense, needy, etc, and very important - what are the endearing traits first, then less-than-endearing traits

4. House manners/training - housebroken? crate-trained? how much obedience training does the dog have or need? well-mannered or destructive? how easy to live with or how much work is needed, basically.

5. Compatibility with other animals - other dogs, small dogs, cats, etc.

6. Compatibility with their own lifestyle - what sort of household will keep this dog balanced and happy? does the dog need a lot of exercise, strong leadership, loves to play ball, loves water, etc.? "This dog is looking for a moderately active family with another dog buddy to play with" type of thing.

7. Dog Rating Level - our adopters have found our GCGSR Dog Rating Levels very helpful when considering which dogs would work for their personalities and lifestyle. You can use these to help describe your dog, by saying, "This is probably a Level X dog. "

When You're Ready to List Your Dog

Email your dog's bio and digital pictures with copies of spay/neuter certificate and vaccination information to or fax to our toll-free #877-268-0255. Once everything is received, you'll be given instructions for payment. The $25 listing fee helps us pay the administrative costs of maintaining a website.


Independent Rescuers and Law Enforcement Agencies

Independent rescuers and Law Enforcement Agencies can list dogs for no charge. All dogs must be spayed/neutered, and up to date on vaccinations before listing.