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ZarellaZarella Head

Zarella is an 8 - 10 month old GSD/Malinois Mix. She was an unclaimed stray from a Modesto area shelter, so little is known about her background.

She is crate trained and appears to be housebroken. In her current foster home she is on a ranch off-leash and has good recall. She is currently living with several other male and female GSD's. She gets along well with all of them.

Zarella has lots of puppy energy, and loves to play. Zarella is looking for a home, who will continue her socialization and training.

She will occasionally relocate a random shoe, or the TV remote, but has not been destructive. She likes to stick close to her humans.

Zarella will do best in a home that is active in hiking, camping or running to help burn off her energy.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added September 2015

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