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Zane is a 3 year old Belgian Malinois who weighs about 70 pounds. He is a higher energy boy who easily settles down in the house after his time running, playing, and chasing outside. He is friendly with people, leans in for affection, and is housebroken. Handling him on a leash is easy, plus he understands basic commands and knows how to use a dog door.

He likes to be a part of the action, whether car rides, neighborhood walks, the beach, hikes of any length, or just relaxing at your feet after his morning walk. He sometimes tries to jump up for attention but is quite gentle about it. His ears fold back when he is happy or anticipating that something good is about to happen, which is often.

Zane has two ways about him, depending on if he is indoors or outdoors. When his outdoor needs are met, the indoor boy is mellow, quiet, loves attention and melts in your hands. It is easy to get him to expose his belly for rubs, and the way that he sometimes likes to carry his favorite toy around the house is adorable. Excited when you come home, he can but rarely grabs at your hand or clothing, so caution should be used with young children.

When introduced properly to other dogs, he is mostly wags with attempts to play. If you noticed in his pictures, his muzzle is prematurely greying. All of his other attributes suggest that he is approximately 3 years old. He thrives in his current pack and will likely do well in a home with another friendly dog, male or female. Nice resident, neighborhood, or your friends' big playful dogs would be great in Zane's world, and he can handle most types of play even if it gets a bit rough.

If you are looking for a hiking buddy, Zane has proven himself worthy of that role. He has quite a nose for squirrels and chipmunks and finds his slice of heaven in using it on the trails. Zane's home must have at least one active person, preferably a hiker or trail runner, who will fulfill his stronger need to be in touch with nature. You should also be able to manage and anticipate when his prey drive might get him into trouble. If it is not a dog or person, he will likely hunt it, so please no cats, birds, critters or small dogs.

This is a Level 2 Dog

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