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Zana is a zesty 5 year old black and tan spayed female. She initially came to our program at the age of 3 and was adopted to a family who owned another male German Shepherd and a cat. After gradual introductions with the kitty, all three became the best of friends. She was returned to us because the family must move into an apartment that does not accept dogs. Her ideal weight is 65 lbs, however, she was returned with several extra pounds. She is active and loves her walks, so she should get back to her ideal weight soon.

Despite the recent changes in her life, Zana remains her vibrant self, ready to jump into new experiences with exuberant curiosity. She wants to please her human and uses every ounce to display pure joy when she reunites. She is a quick learner who loves to meet adults as well as older children. She does best in the company of children over the age of 2 with calm energy. Zana has a strong attraction to lay in the water (yes, even before sunrise) and to retrieve her tennis ball. Although she is extremely eager for her daily walks and car rides to 'anywhere', this girl also knows how to chill. In the home, she seeks her bed where she will lay politely, offering spontaneous wags for any attention that comes her way, or flip on her side to indulge in a belly rub! Zana is also housebroken, uses a dog door, knows basic commands, and sleeps comfortably in a crate.

Although Zana has paired superbly with numerous male foster mates, she does have awkward greeting skills with a tendency to be pushy and somewhat dominant. Zana does correct well in these settings and has not shown desire to challenge other dogs that set boundaries. She has not shown exceptional interest in small dogs. Calm, guided introductions with other dogs will be helpful for successful interactions. Ongoing socialization will allow her to enjoy the company of her peers.

OK with dog savvy cats, small critters and small dogs unknown.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Re-Introduced October 2019

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