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WrigleyWrigley Head

Wrigley is a very handsome black and red 18 month old male. He was an unclaimed stray out of a local shelter so nothing is known about his background. Even though he is a little on the thin side at the moment, Wrigley already weighs 90lbs. He will be a big boy once he fills out.

Wrigley gets along with all of the other large male and female dogs in his foster home. He was a little shy at first, but is coming around, and really likes to play with a couple of the other dogs. Out in public he has met small dogs while on leash, and has done well with them.

Wrigley appears to be housebroken, but doesn't seem to know any command except sit. He is learning to go into his crate at night without a struggle, and he does sleep quietly at night now. Wrigley is getting the hang of walking on a leash. He doesn't like to be corrected, and will occasionally throw himself to the ground when corrected or if you grab his collar too quickly.

Wrigley rides nicely in the car. He is quiet and likes to lie down or sit and watch life go by out the window. It would appear that Wrigley was free fed in his past home. It is hard for him to concentrate and eat a full meal at one time. He wants to take a few bites, then go so something else, then looks disappointed when it isn't there upon his return. He is learning that meal time that meal time doesn't last all day.

Wrigley would like a home with another playful dog, and a family that will continue his socialization and training, and include him in daily activities.

Unknown with cats or other small furry critters.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added October 2014

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