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Wilsie is a sweet 4 year old black and tan female. She weighs approximately 65 lbs. Wilsie was an unclaimed stray from the shelter, so not much is known about her background. She was found running the railroad tracks with a male shepherd, both in poor body condition, and infested with literally hundreds of ticks.

Wilsie was originally placed in a foster home where she was the only dog. Unfortunately Wilsie had been very dependent on the male she was found with, and didn't really know what to do without him. She was quite shy and timid. While she was was easy to have in the home when someone was around, she would become destructive if left, breaking out of crates, pulling a screen off to get inside. Wilsie moved to a home with several other large dogs, and has settled right in. If kenneled during the day, she will occasionally chew on a bed or do a little digging, but for the most part is ok. When left in the yard with another dog, she has been just fine. Wilsie is great in the house, and while not formally trained, doesn't want any trouble and will go lie down when she is unsure of what to do.

It has been great to watch Wilsie come out of her shell and become a dog in a pack. She is now rolling over for belly rubs, demanding pets, trying to engage other dogs in play, and coming when she is called instead of flattening to the ground. Wilsie will sleep quietly in a crate at night, she rides nicely in a car, and walks right next to you on leash. She has been great at public events, and while a little unsure at first will settle in as long as her people or pack mates are around.

Wilsie needs a home with another dog (or two) that will engage with her. It would appear that with supervision, she may be able to live with cats. Her preference would be for her human to be around most of the time. She will need a home with patience and structure, and that will continue her socialization. She needs someone that can build up her confidence and help her become the best dog she can be.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added June 2015

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