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Whistler is a handsome black and tan 4 year old male who came as a stray from a Sacramento shelter, so nothing is known about his background. He is underweight at about 58 lbs but is well on his way back to a healthy weight.

Please be aware of the necessary care if considering adopting Whistler. He has an eye condition known as Pannus (Chronic Superficial Keratitis), thought to be an auto-immune disease that affects the tissues of the cornea with inflammation. He has some visual impairment and left untreated, may result in blindness. His condition is currently being treated with application of eye ointment once daily. Treatment for Pannus is lifelong. Even short periods of interrupted therapy (ie: 2-4 weeks), may cause severe recurrence with devastating effects on the dog. High altitudes, smoke and exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation may exacerbate the condition. He comes with his own pair of DOGGLES.

This is a fun-loving, happy boy who gets along well with his foster pack, consisting of three other German Shepherds (2 males and a female). He meets large dogs nicely with a proper introduction, but the brief contact we've observed with small dogs indicates that this boy may be better suited to live with larger breeds. Although he is a bit on the reserved side, he did not back down when challenged by a bossier, more dominant dog, so another easy-going male dog or playful female would be a good pack mate for this boy.

He is just now starting to show interest in toys, but he engages in play with his 2 year old foster sister and he gives her a run for her money. He is housebroken (he uses a doggie door at his foster home) and walks nicely on the leash. He occasionally gets startled by electric doors and busy surroundings when he is out and about, but is quickly learning that the adventure of an outing with his human outweighs his insecurity.

Whistler is flexible with his sleeping arrangements. If given a choice he would choose to sleep with his human, but he sleeps well in the crate at night or on a dog bed next to his human. He is learning that counter-surfing is not okay, but as long as there are no food-related temptations (dirty dishes in the sink, trash can accessible to him, or food on the counter) he does well unsupervised in the house. Currently he is left indoors with his foster siblings when his foster mom is at work and is adapting well to the household routine.

This loveable boy's ideal home environment will include continued socialization and training. He will definitely make it well worth your while!

No Cats or small critters.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added February 2018

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