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WaltWalt Head

Walt is a strikingly handsome 1 year old boy that was an unclaimed stray out of the Merced area. He has a black and tan coat with golden eyes, and should fill out to be about 80 pounds. He appears housebroken, is crate trained, walks well on a leash, and has a general desire to please his person. He is social with other dogs, as he is currently residing in a home with 8 other dogs. Walt has happily greeted everyone he has met thus far, and enjoyed riding in the car several times.

He has some interest in the resident livestock, and has climbed in the pen with them to investigate. Walt will also climb out of a wire 6' kennel to find his person. It is unknown if he would actually jump a solid wood fence, if left alone, but he does stays secure in wire crate, and in a kennel with a roof.

Walt is quick to ask for a pet of any free hand, and will fall at your feet if he thinks he is in trouble. He is an affectionate young dog, that would like to spend all his time following his person and playing with other playful dogs.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added December 2013

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