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Vinny is solid black, 50 pound, 8 - 10 month old male youngster, who is an unclaimed stray from a local shelter, so nothing is known of his background.

In his foster home, Vinny lives with 3 large GSD's and gets along with all of them, but seems to be a little reactive towards smaller dogs he encounters while on walks or in the parking lot of stores. He has been around dog savvy and respectful children (6-9 years old), but a home without small children is probably best (because of his high energy and mouthiness).

Vinny is a bit of a wild child- he is busy, busy, busy, and when he first came to his foster home, he was jumping on people and the resident dogs, counter surfing and being very mouthy. A bright little boy, Vinny is learning the ways of the house, and how to be a respectful member of a pack. He easily submits to the resident dogs when they are tired of his adolescent antics, and rolls over and offers them his tummy! Although he is a busy little boy, Vinny settles nicely with his pack to watch TV or read a book, and goes into his crate willingly and sleeps through the night.

We are working on the basics of obedience - "sit", "stay", "leave it", "off", etc., and he's almost mastered the sit/stay that is required of him before he is fed. Vinny rides nicely in the car - except he doesn't like it when music is playing; talk radio is fine - and walks nicely while on leash, always staying on the left side of you, even while walking with 3 other large GSD's. If he gets tangled, all you need to do is speak his name and he falls right back in line. Vinny is housebroken with a dog door.

Like most adolescent dogs, Vinny believes that if it's lip level, it's his! He will walk off with slippers, shoes, throw rugs, knick-knacks, books, the TV remote, etc., so supervision in the house is still necessary - he currently is not offered much freedom in his foster house. He doesn't seem to destroy the item, just take it - this is something we are working on and he is showing improvement...

It is recommended that Vinny go to a home with a large, older, confident dog who would be his mentor and playmate. Since Vinny is a youngster and such a busy boy; regular exercise, continued socialization and training are a must for him!

Do not know how he is with small furry critters.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added March 2015

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