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Vettel is a kind, gentle boy who is social with other dogs but is still a bit shy and gaining confidence with people. He is a one-year-old on the smaller side at 60lbs and increasing, who was left with another dog in his Modesto area house when his previous owners moved out. His coat shows signs of prior neglect and malnourishment. With patience, time, and proper nutrition, it will grow back to be as beautiful as any long coat GSD's fur that you have seen.

Hiking with his foster pack is helping to bring him out of his shell. Regardless of how long the hike is, he loves every minute of it, does not tire easily, and hangs with whichever dog is being more adventurous. Despite joining the chase with his pack, he does not seem to have much of a prey drive. He does not care to play fetch either, but he likes running with dogs who do.

He knows how to use a dog door and typically comes when called. We just started working on other basic commands. Vettel kisses but is not very mouthy, and he's not overly excited about toys. However, a sock, shoe, or other leather item may draw his attention as he is still a young dog with an occasionally (not frequently) curious mouth. He is crate trained, and he even tries to share the resident female's crate with her.

Vettel has made it clear that he would not be very happy as an only dog, and he should fit easily with any dog(s) that will welcome him. He'd probably like just being the sidekick of a confident, friendly, active dog. He trusts his own species more than people and shows a preference for female dogs, but he does well with males, too. Generally speaking, he is submissive around other dogs. Up to this stage, there has not been a raised lip or grumble about anything.

He should be able to live with dog-savvy cats.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added June 2015

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