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TiggerTigger Head

Tigger is a 4 year old tall and lanky, black and tan male weighing 83 lbs. He was found abandoned in a dog park and has spent the past two months in a local shelter receiving treatments for multiple skin and ear infections.

Although not much is known about his past, Tigger's good-natured personality is not swayed by his recent hardship. His coat has regrown nicely and he continues to gain weight slowly thanks to his growing appetite. He is very social and engages well with strangers as well as other large dogs. He has ignored some small dogs he met, but his play style may be a bit rough for most small dogs. His activity level ranges from exuberant face-to-face play (he tolerates pushy playmates because he can do the same) to calm walks with his human. Tigger is learning to enjoy car rides and sleeps calmly in a crate at night. He is housebroken, has good house manners and knows the sit command.

This boy appreciates his human and the comforts of the home. You will find his lopsided ear endearing as he offers his affection to you without hesitation! Further training so Tigger will respond to all the basic commands will help him become the well-rounded companion he is meant to be.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added March 2018

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