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Taiko is a one year old handsome black and tan male with a longer coat. He was surrendered to a local area shelter for being too much dog for the owners to handle. They had him a week. We don't know anything about his history prior to that.

Taiko is a typical adolescent puppy that hasn't been trained. He is mouthy, and jumps up, and will pull on leash if you let him. He seems to have lived inside as he has some indoor manners. He appears to be mostly housebroken. Taiko likes to help in the kitchen. He will jump up and put his paws on the counter top right next to you to see what he can do to help you. He is learning that that is not acceptable.

Taiko is very loving and affectionate. He loves to be rubbed, and will lean against you so you know it is time for his pets. He is quick to roll over and let you pet his belly. Sometimes he will get a little mouthy if he thinks you are trying to play with him.

While Taiko gets along with the other large dogs in his foster home, he can be the pesty little brother, following one particular dog around nipping at their heels, and jumping on them. He has been corrected by his humans and the other dog, but is a little slow learning that other dog doesn't appreciate this. It is unknown how he is with small dogs or cats at this time.

Taiko seems to know a few basic commands such as sit and down. His leash manners are ok, but could use improvement. He will pull if he wants to check something out. On walks, Takio likes to splash in the stream with the other dogs. For the first few days he wasn't too sure about entering the water, but after watching everyone else having fun, he decided to give it a try and seems to enjoy it.

Taiko rides very nicely in the car. He settles right down, and is a quiet rider. He is also settling much better in his crate. At first he would struggle getting in, but that is improving. He would also bark if other dogs would move around at night, that has reduced greatly, now he just barks when he wants out in the morning. Taiko seems to be good in his kennel during the day while his foster parents are at work. He so far has not been destructive, and will chew on his bones nicely.

Taiko will make the right family a great dog. He will need a home that will commit to his socialization and training; one that will provide him structure and boundaries. He is a good dog, and has learned a lot in the first week he has been in his foster home, but he is ready to become a great dog!!

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added August 2014

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