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Suki is a 5 year old sable female German Shepherd who weighs 57 pounds. She was an owner surrender who was given up when the previous home could no longer afford her. She lived with other dogs in her previous home and had been kept outside. Her ears have fly strike from her being left outdoors too often, but they are already showing improvement. She has had at least one litter of pups in the past.

In the current foster home, Suki appears house trained, and behaves nicely indoors (with access to the back yard) when you are away. She has nice house manners, not jumping on any furniture. She prefers to be indoors lounging on her dog pillows. She walks nicely on a leash, only needing very soft corrections, and knows basic commands. She is leery of new environments and situations, but adjusts well with kind encouragement. She is a good alarm barker, letting outsiders know there's a German Shepherd on guard. Currently she sleeps in the same room as her foster parent, not needing a crate, not making a sound and not disturbing others. She is best with older kids and adults. She loves treats and takes them gently from your hand.

Suki now has another male foster German Shepherd in the home. She didn't like sharing at first, but with correction and praise at the right times she's doing fine. She rides nicely in the car, not getting in the way. Suki is an easy dog to live with, sleeping most of the day. She likes her thick fur being brushed, especially on her tummy. She likes playing ball when she is in the mood. She is a sensitive girl who would thrive best in a family that is soft spoken and gentle. Currently she goes on one hour walks easily on the weekend mornings.

Cats and small critters unknown.

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