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StevieStevie Head

Stevie is approximately 10 to 12 months old, and a very sweet, petite female. She came from a Modesto area shelter, so we have no background information on her. In her current foster home, Stevie lives with cats, a 5 month male Belgian Malinois/shepherd mix pup, and a 2 year old male German Shepherd. Stevie is unsure of new people in public, but is delighted to greet new people in her foster home especially if the guests scratch her back. When she is excited, her whole bottom half wiggles.

Stevie knows some basic commands, but if distracted by playing with the other dogs, she forgets to pay attention to the commands. Her house manners have been very good. She doesn't jump on people or counter surf. Once Stevie is in the car, she is a great passenger. Stevie is house trained, but in the past going outside may have been a punishment as she doesn't go out voluntarily. She behaves very well when left alone inside or out.

Since Stevie is still very young she tends to be mouthy when she is happy to see her people, so a home without small children is recommended. An active home would be ideal for Stevie. She would be content as an only dog but, would be very happy having a male playmate. Stevie would be a fabulous running, hiking and/or walking partner. With continued training and socialization, Stevie will be a fabulous addition to your family.

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Added July 2014

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