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Spice is a 5 year old female weighing 63 pound with a beautiful, shiny black coat. Picked up as a stray from a Modesto Shelter, nothing is known of her background. She has had puppies sometime in her past. Spice is very friendly, affectionate, and loves to give kisses, but is not pushy. This girl has a very calm, easy-going demeanor and is a joy to have around.

Spice displayed problems with her hips and on 10/8/14 she underwent ffemoral head ostectomy (FHO) surgery to her left hip. She was evaluated at UC Davis on 12/15/14 and it was determined that her right hip is strong and surgery is not recommended. Her left leg needs to be strengthened with regular exercise to build up the muscles, so she will use it normally. Currently, she uses her left leg best if walked at a pace that doesn't make her run and inclines seem to help force her use of all four legs. A treadmill could benefit this girl with her rehab as well.

Currently in a home with two male shepherds and other foster dogs and although she doesn't play with them, she is accepted easily by the other dogs. When Spice meets new dogs, she sometimes grumbles at them, possibly to keep them from jumping on her back end. This can be easily corrected with a reminder for her to stop. Cats are not an issue around Spice. She is housebroken and prefers to be inside with people. Spice will go into a crate, but is also fine sleeping on a soft dog bed.

Spice loves riding in the car and if the door is left open she will continue to jump back into the car. When on leash, she will pull like a freight train toward the car or if a squirrel crosses her path. Once away from the car and squirrels, she walks quite nicely. Spice is very food motivated, although it is best to maintain her weight where it is to keep stress off her hind end. She seems to like carrots, which are a motivator without the weight gain that other treats can create. A tennis ball is one of her favorite things to chase, however, she doesn't understand the concept of bringing it back. She likes to just carry it around.

Spice can live as an only dog or with other dogs that will not want to play with or pester her. Continuous training will benefit Spice and her future lucky owner.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Updated Bio - December 2014

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