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Skye is a cute and adorable Blue female German Shepherd Dog. At approximately 1 year old, this moderately sized girl weighs in at about 58 pounds. Skye was an owner surrender - her owners had her only 1 week - to a Sacramento area shelter, so very little is known about her background.

Skye is currently in a foster home with two large male GSDs and a medium sized male 6-month-old puppy. She gets along with all of them, and she can keep up with the big boys when it comes to rough and tumble playtime. She has a bit of a bossy nature about her and will tell the boys what to do and when to do it, as she tries to entice them into a rough-housing game of chase. The puppy gets a "pass", but this little girl will be too bossy, pushy and snarky (dominant) for any dog (male or female) her size or smaller.

Skye is housebroken, with the use of a doggie door, very comfortable in the house and is crate trained. She does not always like to go outside when she is told, and may put the brakes on and run away to avoid going outside. And likewise, when she is outside, she knows how to dive through an open door to get back in.

She is very much a sweetheart and is a little shy a first, but warms up quickly, and has liked everyone she has met so far. She is respectful to the children she has been introduced to, but care must be taken because when she gets going...she gets going! Her energy and enthusiasm, while chasing a ball or playing with one of the other dogs, could be too much for small children.

Skye is an athletic girl who loves to play, chase a ball, swim and always seems to have a squeaky toy in her mouth. She can be a little possessive with her human, toys, balls, bones, etc. (what's yours is hers, and what's hers is off-limits), so boundaries, limitations, leadership and a confident handler are a must for this little gal.

She is very smart, eager and a quick study. Skye is not a Velcro dog, but will follow you from room to room, curling up and sleeping near her person. She responds to firm, no-nonsense leadership, but needs a gentle touch - you can't be harsh with her. She seems to have had some training, walks nicely on a leash - with the 2 other GSDs, and rides great in the car.

She would do best in a home where she would be part of the family, and included in as many daily activities as possible. She could be an only dog, but I think she would love to have a large male dog to romp and play with. She absolutely cannot go to a home with smaller dogs, cats or small furry critters.

No small or female dogs, cats, or other small critters

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added July 2014

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