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SimonSimon Head

Simon is a 12 - 15 month old gregarious, friendly boy. He has a great attitude and enthusiasm, and likes being around his people but can settle in a crate or the yard while they are away. He rides well in the car and sleeps soundly in his crate at night. He is friendly to others and greets nicely all members of the family, including 2 children and 1 teen in his foster home, and responds well to the family routine.

He comes when called, sits for treats, and is learning the down command with help as well as to fetch. He has excellent leash manners with the help of a pinch collar, and responds well to simple corrections. With access to dog doors, he is housebroken. Under supervision, he has been respectful of personal property, and will cheerfully accept a dog toy substitute if he is considering an item that is not his. At times, he affectionately paws his foster family when they sit down for a meal or spend some time on the computer. It usually starts as a friendly greeting or acknowledgement, and then he is so happy to be interacting that he needs help keeping four on the floor. The fastest way to help him stop is to clip a leash on his collar and put him on a down stay at your feet, and then he settles quickly. He will appropriately sound a single warning bark for situations that merit it, and take a peek out the front window if needed.

Simon is a great companion on a walk or short run, and handles routine distractions well. A week ago, he developed some shoulder pain, and was seen by GCGSR's vet and is on a 2-week R(x) of Rimadyl. Also, initially adding rice to his diet has helped him with his transition to his foster home. Simon is current on heartworm medication and flea treatment, with the next dose of each due 7/14/14.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added June 2014

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