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Simba is a handsome 4-5 year old longcoat male. His previous owners only had him three months and surrendered him to a local shelter when they could no longer care for him. They left him out during the day, inside in the evening for a little bit, and he slept in the garage at night. His coat is in pretty good shape, but will take a little work for him to become the stunning dog he could be. He is also underweight at 75 lbs., and could probably use another 10 pounds on his thin frame.

Simba has gotten along with all of the large male and female dogs in his foster home. In his first few days there, he hasn't played much yet, but certainly seems to like hanging out with the crowd. It is unknown how he would be with cats or other small furry critters at this time. Simba has liked all the people he has met so far. At the shelter, he passed a uniformed officer, he immediately stopped, sat right in front of him and made eye contact. Once the officer greeted him, Simba jumped up on him very excited like he just ran into a long lost friend. His previous home indicated he lived with several children with no issue, but care always needs to be taken when introducing dogs to children.

His previous owners said he had accidents in the house. With monitoring and occasional trips outside, Simba has not had any accidents in his foster home. It would appear that Simba had some training somewhere in his past. He seems a little rusty with commands, but after a couple reminders he seems to know to sit, down, heel (although will pull like a freight train if you leave him out in front of you), bed, come, leave it, and wait.

While on walks, Simba will carefully approach a stream to drink out of it, but so far, wants no part of jumping in and splashing around like some of his foster siblings. He is good at passing dogs and livestock without issue. He is curious about other creatures, but not obnoxious. At night, he will fuss in his crate until there is a human in the room with him, then will settle in nicely. Simba likes car rides, and is a quiet rider.

Simba would like a home that will include him in daily activities. He really likes to be with his people, and needs a family that will refresh his training. He wouldn't mind living with another respectful dog.


This is a Level 2 Dog

Added June 2014

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