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SidneySidney Head

Sidney is an 18 month old petite black and tan female, who was an unclaimed stray from Modesto Shelter.

She is a busy girl, always on the move when she is outside at her foster home. Sidney displays herding behavior in a group of dogs, always out front of the group and weaving back and forth to control their movements. This little girl is always on alert, and watching all the goings on when outside with the pack, which consists currently of 8 dogs. She settles down nicely in the house, preferring to be in the security of her crate, or laying at the feet of her person. Sidney has not had an accident in the house, so appears to be house trained.

Sidney needs to be in a household that understands working/herding dogs, and one that will give her a job. She does not want to be left out of the activities, and will become destructive or nuisance bark if left alone. Although she is a social girl, she is definitely not a dog-park type dog due to her strong herding nature. She enjoys car rides, and would be an excellent jogging/hiking partner. She also shows a lot of focus and would likely be great in obedience training. Sidney will need a strong, take no guff, type of pack leader, who will challenge her both mentally and physically, and in return she will be their BFF.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added September 2013

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