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SeussSeuss Head

Seuss that rhymes with Zeus is a 1 year old handsome black and tan male. He was surrendered when his owner joined the military and could no longer care for him. Seuss is housebroken, crate trained, and seems to know some basic commands. He is learning to stay off furniture and not beg when people are eating.

He is a moderately strong and energetic youngster that needs continued gradual socialization and development of good manners with new people, pets, and in public settings. He has prey drive so cats and small critters are not recommended at this time (we are evaluating).

This is a busy boy who likes a lot of interaction and new games with his foster family, yet needs limits on appropriate play and behavior to keep him from becoming obsessive. Seuss needs a job, as he can become bored easily and will create ways to keep himself entertained, such as pushing Kong dog toys under furniture for his family to retrieve, or shutting himself or others in or out of rooms within the house by closing interior doors. He enjoys walks and runs, and you can see the difference when he misses a day. When running, hell try playing tug of war with the leash, at first because he's excited to be out running, and then it quickly turns to his trying to control the leash with his mouth. He redirects with a collar correction, 'drop', and pivoting directions and stopping the run until he can run correctly.

Seuss may do fine as an only dog, as he previously lived without dog companionship. He also needs to be carefully introduced to new dogs and could benefit from walks and runs in busier environments, where he has the ability to observe many things at a distance. With an experienced handler, he can be responsive on leash and with voice commands, and needs his new home to use good judgment as he continues to learn and mature. He also needs someone that can understand his need for monitored socialization.

Introductions to new people are also to be done carefully to allow Seuss time to decide he's ready to approach a newcomer, along with asking new people to let him alone until he is quiet and comfortable. Once he is familiar with people, he is energetic, friendly and playful.

This is a Level 3 Dog

Added January 2015

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