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SeraSera Head

Sera is a beautiful black and tan female puppy weighing about 30 lbs. She is 4 months old and loves to run and play with other dogs her size. She is currently in a home with a 7 month old lab mix and a cat.

Sera was an owner surrender and we learned the original family kenneled her for long hours while they worked and lived in an apartment. She was then sold to a new family with a female dog that did not like Sera and Sera was very intimidated by that dog and the neighbor's dog. They also had young children and realized having a puppy was too much work. After one month, Sera was surrendered to our rescue.

Sera is affectionate and attentive. She has not had consistent training, but she is a fast learner and is crate trained. She is coming along with her housebreaking lessons.

As is common with young shepherds, Sera sometimes is mouthy and snappy with her mouth. For this reason, she should not go to a home with little children. Sera would benefit from someone who understands how to make proper corrections with a young dog. A home willing to keep this girl active, put time into her training and discipline will be rewarded with a very nice girl.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added June 2015

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