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Rohan is a beautiful Black & Tan male GSD approximately 3 to 4 years old. He is an unclaimed stray rescued from the Modesto area, so nothing is known about his background. He has a good sized frame, but was extremely skinny. He has started to put on weight and should be about 75lbs. when he fills out completely.

He is the sweetest most lovable dog. He has been friendly to everyone he meets on outings. Rohan appears to have been an inside dog, as he has great house manners. He is house broken, rides great in the car, and heels nicely on a leash. He is learning to stay off of the furniture. He is difficult to get into a crate, and does not like sleeping in it. He will not settle down, and howls and scratches all night. He currently sleeps in the bedroom with his foster parents and has had no issues.

He gets along well with the adult male and female GSD in his Foster's home. He loves to play rough and tumble with them. He also loves to play with the puppies. He is very affectionate and gentle with them. He enjoys curling up on a comfy bed in the evenings and chewing on a rawhide or knuckle bone.

Rohan has a high prey drive for cats and birds. So a home without cats or small furry animals is a must. It is unknown how he will do around children.

NO CATS or small furry animals.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added April 2014

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