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Rika and two of her litter mates were pulled from the Modesto shelter so nothing is known of their background, or their exact breed. We rescued them from the shelter at around 8 to 10 weeks old, so they are now about 4 months old. Based on her current size and weight, we believe Rika will mature to a mid-sized girl at around 50 lbs.

Rika has a happy, outgoing Lab-like personality. Her tail is always wagging, and she is always up for an adventure.

Rika LOVES water and absolutely must go to a home where she will get plenty of water play. The first time she saw a pool she jumped in and started swimming laps. We'd point her to the steps, but she wanted to keep swimming.

When she can't have access to the big pool she plays every day in her puppy pool, zooming in and out and all around the yard until she's wet, muddy and covered in dry grass. Needless to say, her ideal family won't mind a few muddy paw prints to go along with the biggest dog smile you've ever seen.

Rika loves the company of dogs and people alike. She is a non-dominant but confident girl who sometimes will bark at strange dogs, so she will need an owner to ensure she has proper and positive introductions.

Most of the time, she has free access to both inside and out through a dog door in her foster home. She knows how to go outside when she needs to go potty. A home without a dog door or free access, will need some next-level potty training. She sleeps freely at night, usually preferring the dog bed in her foster mom's bedroom. For short periods when no human is home to supervise, she is happy to spend time in the back yard with another foster dog ... and of course, her puppy pool!

Rika is a puppy with moderate energy that is looking for an active, adventurous and fun loving family.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added July 2014

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