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ReggieReggie Head

Reggie is a medium size, young male (1-2 year old) with a reddish-tan and black coat. He is from a local area shelter so nothing is know of his background.

Reggie doesn't seem to have any formal training however, he is a quick learner. He now sits although not for long, and will down easily.

Reggie is somewhat unsure being around people and will run for his safe place being an indoor crate or outdoor kennel. Reggie will whine a little when he's ready for your full attention. He'll lean into you and show you how much he loves you. Learning house manners is new for this boy, he's crate trained although, he is somewhat unsure about leaving the indoors to go outside so he needs a little coaxing. Once outside he plays with the female resident dog for hours.

Reggie will make an awesome pet, although continued socialization and obedience training is a must for this loving boy.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added April 2015

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