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Re-Introducing Porter

Porter is a 2.5 year old, black and tan male weighing about 90 lbs, although he can afford to lose a few pounds. Porter was originally in our group with a litter of pups we called the "beer puppies" and adopted when he was 3-4 months old. He was raised with a 10 lb poodle and another medium sized dog. Unfortunately, there was an incident with the neighbor's 5 lb dog, which caused the family to reluctantly return Porter to us.

Porter is housebroken and waits by the door if he wants to go out. He needs to be given boundaries and reminded of them a couple times but, once he knows them, he's very good inside. He knows sit, stop, out, go inside your kennel, and is very food motivated. Still working on the down, but he walks very well on a leash once you remind him to stay with you. He makes a great running partner. On leash, he seems interested in other dogs and will look at them but won't bark or approach them. He rides fairly well in the car, although has not been any long road trips.

Porter needs to be properly introduced to new dogs, as he was not taken around dogs outside the house much in his first home. Currently Porter is living with a senior lab and is doing great. He likes to play but will stop if the dog lets him know he's not okay with it anymore. Porter is definitely the submissive dog. He loves to play with toys and fetch. Squeaky toys are his absolute favorite. So far, he is only interested in soft toys and tennis balls.

Porter loves attention and will try to hog it all, once he knows you. Unless he gets to know strangers (especially men) he won't approach them on his own. This boy will require someone that can commit to continuing to socialize him, provide structure and obedience and a good exercise routine.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Re-Added December 2014

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Original Bio and Pictures - September 2012

Porter is one of a litter of 6 puppies that were born on July 3, 2012. While they look pretty shepherdish, it is not truly known who the sire is (but it is suspected that he was a German Shepherd that frequently roamed the neighborhood).

At approximately 9 weeks old, this little guy is sweet and loving, and will let you flip him over and rub his belly. He is happy to rough and tumble with his littermates, but likes to be closer to his people as well, or play by himself.

He has only shown interest in the outdoor cat at his foster home when his other littermates are pestering it. This little guy isn't housebroken yet, but is smart as a whip, and will learn soon.

Added September 2012

Please note pictures taken at 9 weeks, he will not look like this for very long!

Porter 01

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