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Pilot is a 3-4 month old all black GSD puppy. He has low to moderate energy and can have a reserved but polite demeanor around people he does not know well.

Once Pilot considers you part of his inner circle, his charming and talkative side comes out. He is more patient than his brother Pistol, and does not usually jump up or demand attention. But if his polite patience is ignored he may whimper, whine or even howl at you to get your attention.

Pilot still gets car sick, and like many GSDs is very body sensitive. He will cry like he is being tortured when getting vaccinations or his nails clipped. All part of a GSDs charm!

Pilot is very fond of all of the big dogs he has met, and desperately wants them to like him as well. If he is not able to win them over with his puppy kisses, he will bark at them hoping to convince them what a great guy he is.

Because he has not had all of his puppy vaccinations yet, he has not started leash training. A home that understands the importance of socializing and training, and the enormous responsibility it takes to raise a GSD puppy is a must.

This is a Level 2 - 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added January 2015

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