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I am Phoebe. I am not a German Shepherd, but this group rescued me anyway. No one is quite sure what breeds I am mixed with. Guess that means I'm extra special! They say there is probably some type of small terrier in me ... I say I am a mix of two parts cuteness and princess, and one part playful and silly!

Myself and all my brothers and sisters were left at the shelter in a shopping cart. I'd never been outside my yard or met so many people and I was really scared. The shelter staff said I needed more socializing before I could be adopted so they called this rescue and asked if they would help me.

I went to live in a foster home. I was very scared at first but there were two big German Shepherd dogs there and I really wanted to play with them. My big foster brother was very nice to me and played with me very gently and made me feel safe. After a few days, I started to learn the people were pretty nice too.

I've now met lots of new people and dogs, and I like everyone. I've learned how to potty outside, go for rides in the car, and walk on a leash. When I have a dog door or free access to inside and outside, I don't have any accidents. And I sleep loose at night, preferring to be in the room (or on the bed) with my foster mom. If my foster mom has to go away, I know how to be a good girl in a crate for a few hours.

I went to a party with 8 other dogs that were all big German Shepherds and I loved running with the big dogs. I really want to go to a home where there is a big male dog who will play nicely with me and tolerate me jumping all over him and even chewing on his ears sometimes.

I want a home where I can be with my family and go on rides and go for walks and get to sleep in the room with my family. I like lots of cuddles. I will need a family who will continue taking me places and introducing me to new sights, sounds, smells, and people of all shapes and sizes so I can grow up to be a well socialized girl and a great new addition to the family.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added June 2014

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