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PhantomPhantom Head

Phantom is a handsome 2-3 year old male with a shiny black coat. Weighing in at 65 pounds, Phantom is on the smaller side for a male. He was picked up with Eclipse by Animal Control in the Modesto area, so nothing is known about his background.

Phantom gets along with all of the large male and female dogs in his foster home so far. While he likes to play with the other dogs a little, he would prefer to be with his person. He is slowly learning that while the "let me jump up and give you hug" routine was cute the first couple of times, it is really not acceptable.

Phantom only seems to know a couple basic commands, but is easy to teach and happy to learn. He is easy to walk on leash, while he doesn't really seem to know heel, he usually walks with a loose lead. Phantom settles on a bed easily in the evenings, and is content sleeping in a crate at night. He has not had an accident in his foster home.

Phantom would like a home that will include him in daily activities, and that will continue his socialization. He is a little camera shy, and is far more handsome than the photos reveal.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added December 2013

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