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PenseePensee Head

Pensee is a black & tan female weighing in at approximately 60lbs. She was an owner surrender to the Modesto shelter. Her former owner had to move and was unable to take her and the other small dogs with them. She knows basic commands (sit & down), waits patiently for her food, and is house trained. She does not like to sleep in a crate and will escape. Currently she sleeps on a dog bed by the bed in her foster mom's room.

Pensee currently lives with, and gets along with, a male GSD, 2 dog savvy cats and a teenager (it is unknown how she is with young children). She loves to go on car rides, is learning to walk on a leash & working on better house manners (she likes to see what is on the counter). She is super affectionate and likes to be near her "people". During the day she stays outside with her foster brother while the foster family is at work or school. While she has been fine when left with another dog, she has shown some destructive signs if she is left all by herself.

Pensee would be happiest with someone who is home most of the time or with a canine playmate.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added August 2014

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