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Oswald, (aka Oz) is a very handsome male, with black and tan coloring, who we think is approximately 6 - 8 years old. He was an owner surrender to a local area shelter, but even though he was surrendered, we know little about his background.

As is sometime the case with older GSDs, he seems to have rear end mobility issues. We are having his rear end and knees evaluated, so we can come up with a plan to keep him pain-free as he ages.

Oz is currently living in a house with 3 other GSDs and two medium sized dogs, with a mixture of male and female. He gets along well with most of the dogs, but does not tolerate the younger ones jumping on him or trying to play rough.

Oz is really easy to have in the house, loves to give you kisses, is house trained with a dog door, and is comfortable hanging out with his pack in another room, as long as he knows where you are. He knows basic commands, rides well in the car and enjoys short walks. He gives little warning when he's tired of walking, and will just plop down on a lawn, making himself comfortable until he feels ready to walk again. Can't rush a senior!

I'm not sure how Oz would do with cats or other small furry critters.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added July 2015

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