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Oscar is a large, striking, 2 year old black and tan male. He weighs approximately 80 pounds and he could stand to gain 5 or 10 more. He was an unclaimed stray out of a local area shelter so not much is known about his background.

Oscar is eager to please, respects leadership and corrects easily. He's a pretty soft guy. Oscar is very friendly and affectionate and is happy to work for praise. He can be a little unsure at times and obedience work will go a long way to help build his confidence. He knows basic commands and walks like a dream, checking in with you and keeping your pace. He does well with the other two male dogs in his foster home, but prefers the company of his human, and can sometimes be a little possessive of them, but corrects easily. Oscar is working on giving space as he wants to be wherever you are.

Oscar rides well in the car and will sleep quietly in his crate as long as he's not isolated. He is housebroken and is content just hanging out with his people. Cats and small dogs are unknown at this time. Oscar may be ok as an only dog, or would also be happy with a dog buddy. He requires a home that will continue his socialization and training, and will include him in daily activities.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added May 2015

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