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NormanNorman Head

Norman is an approx. 6 month old Belgian Malinois. He is currently sharing a home with 4 German Shepherds that are older and larger. Norman mixes in very nicely and plays with the big dogs with no issues. Norman has a lot of property to run around on, and has been seen chasing after small critters, so cats may be an issue. Norman is very gentle, and likes to cuddle up with his foster parents when he is inside. Norman settles nicely at night and sleeps on his own.

Norman uses the dog door to let himself out when ever he needs to use the bathroom, and has not had any accidents inside the house.

Norman is very active and athletic. He would make a great running partner. He knows the basic command of sit, and comes when you call him. He is not food aggressive, and has good treat taking manners.

Norman is curious about his surroundings and is always anxious to meet new people. His current house has a 5' fence which he can easily clear. Norman tends to wander when his foster parents are away, so he is secluded in a secure area (garage) when they leave. A taller fence and / or kennel would be necessary to keep this little guy around.

All in all, this pup is a great dog. Norman will make a great addition to an active family.

No Cats or small furry critters

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added October 2014

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