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NightNight Head

Night is a handsome black male with a little dusting of tan on his legs and toes. He was an unclaimed stray at the shelter so nothing is known of his background.

Night is approximately 18 months old. He gets along great with dog-saavy cats, but does not like to share a home with other dogs. He is an outgoing boy that loves people and getting hugs and belly scratches. While on leash, he met children politely with kisses, but off leash he's a bit too much for small kids.

Typical of that age, he has a puppy brain in a dog body. He gets easily overexcited but responds well to corrections. Everything goes in his mouth, but he gladly gives it up for a dog toy

He came to us with no house manners, but after only a few days he learned to sleep quietly in his crate and that slick floors aren't so scary. He'll make an awesome pet for someone willing to put in a little time and effort in training.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added February 2018

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