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Newman is a handsome and low-key 4 to 5 year old black and tan male who came to us from a local area shelter, so little is know of his background.

We've only had Newman for about a day, but here is what we know so far:

He has gotten along with the 5 resident dogs (3- GSDs & 2- GSPs) who are a mixture of sizes and genders. He is very easy to have in the house and when approached will roll over and offer his belly to you. He is still somewhat reserved, understandably since he is fresh out of the shelter in a new environment, but I expect him to become more social as he feels more comfortable.

Thanksgiving 2018 was the first day he was at his fosters house and did great with meeting friends and family who came over to celebrate Thanksgiving. Newman was a perfect gentleman in meeting the youngish kids (ages 9 - 11) who were also in attendance.

Newman is accepting of the crate and will sleep through the night, whimpering only if he needs to go potty. He seems like he is potty trained and is learning to use a dog door.

As we get to know this boy, we'll update his bio.

Cats and small critters, could be ok with this gentle boy.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2018

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