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MistyMisty Head

Misty is an adorable bundle of affection. She is about 6 months old with a gorgeous shiny black coat. She is a typical puppy with lots of energy and loves to play. She gets along great with the large dogs in her foster home, and they play all the time. She likes toys, but hasn't quite grasped the "fetch" thing quite yet. She is a curious pup, and inspects everything around her. So far, her puppy curiosity has only caused her to chew a couple things, and she has only dug a couple small holes in the yard. Misty has had a couple potty accidents, but caught on to using the dog door very quickly. She wakes her foster dad in the morning to take her out (even though the dog door is open). She takes care of business, and then comes right back in to lie down.

Misty plays hard with the big dogs, so she may be too rough for small dogs at this point in time. She will lick the face of her foster dad, but will tug on his hand to play. A home with small children may not be good match at her young age. She corrects very easily though.

Misty is looking for a home that will continue her training and socialization and will include her in daily activities. She would love a home with a large male dog buddy to play with.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added December 2013

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