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Mika was surrendered to a Modesto area shelter when her older couple family moved to Florida and couldn’t take her along. Mika is around 8 years old, is an AKC registered, very dark black and tan, very handsome, full-sized girl, with a big frame and currently weighing around 90 pounds.

Mika is an extremely affectionate and gentle house princess. She is very people oriented, and wants to be next to her humans wherever they go. Indoors, she settles comfortably and quietly. She loves to get her neck or rump scratched, and gives nice little kisses in return. She happily offers her belly for a tummy rub, and takes treats or pills from the hand with a very delicate touch of her tongue.

Mika is almost completely deaf, but can hear extremely loud noises. She understands basic hand signals, and also seems to intuitively know what is expected. She is constantly checking her human's face, for direction, so it is easy to use hand signals. It is seldom necessary to give her a command.

Mika briefly lived with a family with children during her transition, and did wonderfully with them. Here is what they had to say "Mika is a lovely dog with the sweetest disposition. She takes everything in stride, including bathing. She rides in the car very well, sharing the back seat with my two daughters. My youngest son was originally scared of her, but got past it with her good nature. She's happy-go-lucky and deals well with kids and teenage boys wrestling around. She doesn't spook easily and will be a devoted shadow."

Mika has wonderful house manners, is well house-trained, doesn't chew, and can be trusted indoors alone for many hours at a time. She does enjoy a good butcher bone from time to time. Mika will briefly vocalize her complaint when left alone, but quickly settles down, and does not nuisance bark. She automatically sits for her dinner when she sees the bowl coming.

Mika lived with 2 senior small dogs during her transition, and did well with them. In her current foster home with 3 other German Shepherds, she is not interested in play, but is otherwise doing very well provided they stay out of her face. If they don't, she gives them a 'leave me alone" growl, but is not a fighter. She will do best with other dogs that will respect her space, and would also do well as only dog where she could have her people all to herself.

In her current foster home, Mika is doing fine with the two resident cats. She is curious, and appears with wagging tail to want to play, but corrects easily and respects a paw swat from the active cat. She sniffs then ignores the quiet cat. With continued training, she could probably learn to live well with cats. She enjoys chasing a ball and going for walks, but is not high energy.

Mika will be a wonderful, very devoted and fun family dog, and would do equally well in a family with respectful children, or with an older, less active person.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added September 2012

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