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MiaMia Head

Mia was surrendered to a local shelter . She is a petite, approximately 18 month old longcoat German Shepherd. She is quite friendly and affectionate with both humans and other dogs. She does well with respectful children too. Currently she lives with three German Shepherds.

Because Mia is younger she will require regular exercise, someone who can introduce her to new things and commit to training. Mia is a quick learner and has some basic skills. She will still jump up on people but with the right guidance this will change. Mia is great meeting other dogs and she would love to continue to practice using manners with them.

Mia loves people and will totally engage, and will bond quickly with new family members. She truly is a wonderful, gentle girl. She hasn't met cats yet, so that is unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added August 2018

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