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Maxwell is a very handsome, very nice, 3 year old male, who was surrendered to the vet because he was diagnosed with unilateral hip dysplasia (one hip) and his owners couldn't afford the surgery.

Max is currently on anti-inflammatories and pain meds while we assess his condition, and he runs, jumps, and stands up on his hind legs, so he may not need FHO surgery until later. We have done FHO surgery on several dogs as it works quite well. Here is more information on this procedure:

Once Max is settled into a new environment, he's a very nice boy with excellent house manners. He's housebroken, knows Sit, Stay and Down, walks well on a leash and rides nicely in the car. He isn't really comfortable lying in a crate, and sleeps loose in the house at night without issue. He loves to go for walks, and gets very excited when the leash comes out!

Max loves visitors, having his nose scratched and enjoys being brushed. He's a great listener and finds teenagers fascinating (who doesn't?) and so far, seems to be very patient with people of all sizes as long as they don't try to ride him - he knows he's not a horse! While Max loves chasing water from a hose, he was not interested in going near a swimming pool except to drink from it.

This boy is a bit of a clown, and has fly-catching talent in his paw! He does chase cats if they run, and seems to be particular about which dogs he's willing to live with. He's currently in a foster home with a female wire-haired terrier and gets along great with her.

He's an easy-going guy who would do well in a moderately active home, and would probably love some teenagers to dote on.

This is a Level 2 Dog


Maxwell Head