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Adopted 5/21/11!

Marley is a classically handsome, 5-6 year old male, medium-sized, with a dark, rich black & red coat and classic conformation. Marley was adopted out and is being returned to us due to lifestyle changes of his owners.

Marley has very soft, kind eyes that are always glued to you. He is the perfect gentleman and will wait patiently for pets, food or attention. He gets along well with other dogs of both sexes and all sizes, but since gentlemen are never pushy, he will hang back and wait patiently for his share of affection from people. With other dogs he will play gently when invited to, but is respectful and gentle with both the very old and very young dogs he’s been around.

Marley is a gentle soul that enjoys being around his person as much as possible. He is completely housebroken, knows how to use a dog door, and has impeccable manners. He rides well in a vehicle, and knows some basic obedience.

Marley would prefer an owner who can be with him most of the day, or better yet, an owner who can take Marley to work with him. While he prefers the company of his person, Marley also enjoys the company of other dogs. If he cannot go to work with his person, there will need to be another dog around to keep him company or he will bark and may become destructive.

Marley has been calm and respectful around all the people he’s met, but like most herding breeds, he may need to be closely supervised around very small children to ensure his natural instincts to take charge and herd them don’t cause problems. Marley is the most polite of gentleman, and he will make a wonderful ambassador for the German Shepherd breed.

Marley was originally adopted out in January 2009 and returned in February 2011 when his owners could no longer care for him.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

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