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MarioMario Head

Mario is a 5-6 year old German Shepherd/Lab mix with a short, dark brown coat. He lived for several years in a no-kill shelter and came to us when they could no longer house dogs.

He is friendly and enjoys meeting people. He is now in a foster home and is happily learning house rules. He gets along well with other dogs. He can learn to live with cats. He has an old injury to a back leg, but does fine on walks. He is low energy in the house and happily sleeps in a crate at night.

Because we want Mario to have a great new life, the adopter will be required to take him to weekly obedience classes. These have been generously paid for by a sponsor to be taken at any PetSmart.

Mario needs a little TLC, but he has such a loving, want-to-please personality that he will quickly turn into a great pet.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added March 2014

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