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Lola A is 7-8 years old weighing 69 lbs. She was originally a stray from the Napa area and nothing is known of her original start in life. Lola may have gray around the muzzle, but she still needs her daily walks and on occasion will bounce around you like a puppy. When she was about 3-4 years old she was heartworm positive, but has been treated with no complications or problems since then.

She is housebroken, crate trained, knows basic commands, and loves car rides. She has tried to sneak onto the bed and a couch, but with one verbal command to get off, she has not tried it again. Her other house manners are excellent. This smart girl has learned to open doors with flipper handles, so they must be locked to keep her in or out of areas she's not allowed.

She is living in a foster home with a young male and female German Shepherd and a senior male German Shepherd. She does great with the old guy who has little interest in play or pestering the foster dogs in the home. She makes it clear that the female needs to stay out of her space and isn't too keen on the young pesky male either. Lola would do fine as an only dog or with another calm, non-engaging male. She was adopted once for a year and returned due to escaping the yard and going after small dogs, so NO SMALL DOGS for her. There is an older resident cat in the foster home and she only comes out if she feels safe. She has been out several times and Lola has been told to "leave it" and made to lie quietly on the couch with the cat laying just above her (Lola still on leash however). With a dog-savvy cat and someone willing to put in the time, she may be able to live with a cat too.

In the right home, this is a turn-key dog. Lola is affectionate and would love to be treated as a house princess. She is relatively quiet when outside, but will alarm bark. She can keep up on a good hike or lay quietly at your feet. Please come meet her and see for yourself.

This is a Level 2 Dog

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