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Les is a very sweet and very loving 7yr old German Shepherd, and he maybe up there in age but he still loves to play.

He gets along well with other dogs, but could be an only dog as long as his person doesn't go away for too long. He is crate trained and will go in on his own for his own safety or time out - when things get a little hectic.

Les rarely barks but when he does there is a real reason. He is protective but loves everyone he sees. He is happy to be petted, rubbed, or brushed all the time, but he can be a little pushy if he wants loves too. A reminder or two to mind his manners and he is happy to go lay in his crate or bed.

Les is house trained and has good manners for the most part, but his nose can get the better of him and he will steal the occasional meat treat off a counter if it is left too close to the edge. He is great on a leash but will run and explore if off leash. He is a wonderful passenger in the car but I think it's because he get a little car sick when traveling.

There are no small animals or cats in his current foster home so it is unknown how he would do with them.

Overall, Les is a very good and handsome dog.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added May 2014

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