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LeeLee Head


Lee is a stunning 9 years young white shepherd who weighs about 90 lbs. His family that had him since he was a pup had physical and financial limitations and could no longer care for him, so he was given up to a local Sacramento shelter. The prior owners said Lee used a dog door, had lived with another dog, and likes water and swimming.

In his current foster home, Lee is living very well with two male German Shepherds and several cats. He has proven to be fully housebroken and can be left inside for several hours with the other dogs when no one is home. When Lee first arrived at his foster home, he seemed very anxious. Within 2-3 days, this boy has settled in nicely.

Although listed as a senior dog, Lee is very spry. He prances around when excited and will still jump up on people. He went for a 3 mile walk with no problem and met dogs big and small without an issue. While out on walks, Lee also got noticed by several people and had no problems getting attention from those that he's met so far. Lee likes dog biscuits and tennis balls. He knows basic obedience, rides well in cars and really like his car rides. If left alone outside, he does cry and prefers the company of people.

Lee is looking for someone that wants to take him for regular walks and keep him company as much as possible. He also would like to have his ball thrown for him and get an occasional dog treat. Please don't be scared off by his age. This is one very easy boy to have around and he still has lots of love and affection to give the right person.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added February 2015

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