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The Retired Admiral Puppies and Momma, Sammie Jo were brought into rescue after a local shelter put out an urgent call for a Foster home. At 4 weeks old they were undersized, and Momma was very thin. After 7 weeks in rescue the puppies and Momma too, are up to normal weight and ready to find their forever homes. The puppies have good-sized paws and currently weigh between 20 - 25lbs. We expect them to weigh between 70 - 80lbs once full grown.

The ideal home for the puppies will have experience with the breed, and will continue training and socialization for the puppies. We prefer a home with another dog, to help teach the puppy how to be a dog or a home where someone is at home full-time.

Leahy loves the pool and ball pit.  She is the one in the video who runs the full length of the yard and barrels into the ball pit and then spins around.  She often falls asleep in the ball bit when the puppies are outside.  She is very social, playing with all the other puppies in the litter.  She also loves to be held and cuddled by her humans.  Leahy is the largest of the females now.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added September 2018

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