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Re-Introducing Lancelot - February 2015

Lancelot is a 2.5 year old black and tan male on the smaller side. He originally came to our program as a stray from the Modesto area. He was adopted in 2013, but was returned when the second dog in the home was diagnosed with epilepsy and Lancelot did not understand that he couldn't continue to play hard with the other dog. The family felt it was best for Lancelot to find a home where he could get the attention and play time he craves.

Lancelot knows basic obedience, rides well in the car, is housebroken and crate trained. He loves to chew his toys (ball, rope, hard bones) and running in the yard. He will chew the bed in his kennel if he does not have toys available. He is good with children ages 10 and up and great on a leash, even with the kids. He also loves to lay in the den while his "mom" works on the computer. He tends to be a "Mama's Boy", following her around the house more than the other family members. Loud noises, including cheering over a sports game, makes Lancelot nervous, often leaving the room to his kennel or the bathroom. He also has been sedated on July 4th and New Year's Eve due to the fireworks.

This energetic boy would do best in a home with another dog and a family that includes him in regular activities. He may even do well learning fly ball or agility to keep his energy directed. Continued training and socialization will also help Lancelot bond with his new home.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Re-Introduced February 2015

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