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Lada MaeLada Mae Head

Lada is an adorable 5 month old, very playful German Shepherd mix puppy. She was rescued from a local shelter so nothing is known of her background. Lada gets along well with all her foster sisters big and small, they play all day and night.

Lada is learning to go into the kennel on command which takes a little time but she is getting the hang of it with treats as her reward, once in the kennel she sleeps all night. She is also working on sit, down and drop it.

Lada is potty trained however like a typical puppy she has had a couple accidents. She will need continued training and supervision to become full housebroken. She is a great in the car and loves to go for rides, does well on a leash and likes to pounce through the creeks on hikes.

Lada gets along well with everyone she meets; she is super sweet, very loves and will be a great dog for any family who adopts her. She will need continued training and socialization, and be activity included in family activities.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added August 2014